All You Need to Know About Streaming College Football from Anywhere in The World

All You Need to Know About Streaming College Football from Anywhere in The World

All You Need to Know About Streaming College Football from Anywhere in The World

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Cable TV might be the oldest method you know to get college football content, but do you know that it is not the best? And for many reasons than one too?

Well, we can talk about the game blackouts from now till tomorrow, but you know how frustrating they can be already. That is not to touch up on the costs of the service.

Oh, did we mention the fact that those travelling/ living outside the US markets will find it impossible to get all the college football games as they like?

That is why we have brought you a universal fix – watching college football online with a VPN

 Why use a VPN to stream college football?

When you see all the reasons below, you will be asking why not, instead. You don’t have to take out word for it. Afterall, we bet you didn’t know you could use a VPN to:

  • Avoid the geo-restrictions:

There is a limitation placed on college football games as regards being viewed in other markets which besides the US. For that reason, anyone living in other countries won’t be able to get access to the games since their region is not supported.

This statement holds true for Americans/ American residents who are just travelling other countries while the games are being plated. With a VPN, you can simply:

  • Connect to a server location in the US
  • Login/ signup to a streaming service of your choice
  • Enjoy the games like you were in the States
  • Overcome game blackouts:

Those in the US are also not without their own streaming/ viewing problems. Even if you had a subscription running, you would still have to experience game blackouts from time to time.

This is a less than ideal situation for someone who just wants to enjoy the game without being forced into going to the stadium.

We support that thought too. To get around this problem:

  • Launch your VPN
  • Connect to a server location different from yours (where the game has been blacked out)
  • Login to your preferred streaming platform
  • Start streaming the games without any of the blackouts.

Possible Streaming Services to Use

There are a lot of websites and services out there promising to give you college football content for free. Note that these third-party vendors are operating against the copyright and content distribution rules and are, as such, illegal.

We don’t advise going through those channels. In fact, you could be doing yourself more harm than good – exposing your computer and data to possible breaches.

Some of the options we recommend are Sling TV (starts at $25/ month), YouTube TV (costs $40/ month), PlayStation Vue (costs $45/ month), etc. You can start with their free trial packages (offers up to 14 days free) to see if what the platform is offering is something you are interested in.

Picking the Right VPN

Now that you know to use a VPN, choosing the right one is just as important.

The first thing you want to look for is the presence of multiple server locations in the preferred region (US). Afterall, that is where you would be getting the games from.

When that box is checked, ensure the VPN has been optimized for speed. Since these pieces are known to step down connection speeds (due to their routing your data through different servers), not all of them will give you a smooth streaming experience.

Don’t forget to check on the bandwidth too – one that offers unlimited bandwidth is your best bet.

Wrap Up

Got all of that covered, right? Now you can stream college football from anywhere in the world like never before.

Halbert Mall

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